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Searching for Multiple Terms

You specify whether you want to see documents that contain all of your search terms ("and" in traditional search language), or that contain at least one of your search terms ("or"). For example, if searching for information about F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby. You can search for pages with "Fitzgerald" AND "Great" AND "Gatsby" in them, or pages that contain "Fitzgerald" OR "Great" OR "Gatsby" OR any combination of the three terms. Some search engines allow more sophisticated searching. Be sure to check the options or help pages for the search engine you use.

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Four NETS for Better Searching

AltaVista Search Tutorial

Boolean Searching

Boolean Logic

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Ask Jeeves



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Searching For E-mail Addresses
and other Addresses

You can find e-mail addresses or other addresses and phone numbers for people in United States and anyone on the Web. The following is a list of resources for finding e-mail addresses and other addresses on the Internet.

Yahoo People Search
Yahoo Yellow Page Search
Internet E-Mail Address Finder


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